Swedish/Deep Tissue

and pet massages...

we care for the whole family.


Specific to Your Comfort Level

"A great relaxing effect..."

In your home


Our Massage Studio


Increases Circulation - Reduces Stress and Tension Headaches

Reduces Muscle Aches/Pain - Relieves the Pain of Arthritis

Increases Healing from Injuries, Illness, Surgeries

Promotes a Feeling of Well-Being - Very Special Foot Massage

30 minutes/45 minutes/60 minutes

The whole family LOVES our massages

and here's what they say:


     Thank You so much for the loving massage your agency provided for my Dad. He loved the therapist, and his body felt better after each massage.  C. Brown, Daughter

     My mother's arthritis made her life miserable, until she started getting massages from Your Home...  Nursing Services.  Now she goes out to lunch with friends again.  Darren Anderson, Son

     I dont know what I'd do without my massages twice a week; driving 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, it was taking a toll on my back until I called you!  Dan Conning, Truck Driver

     It's so convenient having a massage in my home.  Lizz gives a great massage, and I'm very comfortable having her with me.  D. Simmons, Happy Mother of 5!


30 minutes/45 minutes/60 minutes 


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